PE Energy Saving System (PE. E.S.S.)

A scrupulous and skilled designer and constructor of non-ferrous extrusion plants must never forget two fundamental elements necessary to manufacture a product of excellence: productivity and efficiency.

But how is it possible to obtain the constant and progressive improvements required for increasing productivity and improving efficiency realizing a product in line with the modern market requirements?

It is possible only by investing time and resources in research and development activities, consolidating know-how without ever having to give up experimenting and by reverting to new technologies, as well as guaranteeing a rapid and competent after sales support for the final customer.

Green World

Environmental Product Declaration

Extrusion Press ESS (Energy SavingSystem) has a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) giving information about the environmental performance, contents and recycling, which has been controlled and verified according to the requirements of the International EPD® System.

POTENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Global Warming Potential (GWP) 87 kg CO2eq*
* figure per tonne of extruded aluminium in reference to press ESS 40MN 10", billet length 1500 mm

Registration number: S-P-06388 - More information is available at

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

In 2009, after 18 months of intense research and development activities arising from the desire and sensibility to fulfill the customers requirements to achieve considerable energy savings in production while maintaining and / or improving production performance and the quality of the extrusions, Presezzi has developed and created a system for energy saving called the PE Energy Saving System (PE. E.S.S.).

The system is based on two cornerstones: savings and technological innovation. The concept of savings does not only translate into energy savings, but also into machines involving a smaller number of components necessary for their operation, which at the same time make the manufacture and installation of the press leaner, as well as less subject to production stops and down times for maintenance.

How much Energy you Save?

PE Energy Saving System


  • Reduction of the power required and therefore dimensions of the motors.
  • Reduction of the amount of oil required.
  • Cheaper and simpler pumps are used which make the system more economic to run, with lower spare parts turnover and significantly reduced maintenance requirements.
  • The installation in the pump room requires less space and generates less noise during operation.

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A scrupulous and skilled designer and constructor of non-ferrous extrusion plants must never...