Each project we undertake is a journey to be followed with attention, dedication and professionalism. We are attentive to all construction phases, from technical specifications to full commissioning, to best repay our customers' faith in us.

Presezzi Extrusion is located in the heart of one of the most advanced industrial areas in Europe for metal processing, an excellent site that boasts a high reputation in industrial machine technology.

Total Quality

Our engineering department plants the seeds for all our projects.
The use of last generation and innovative 3D design systems lets us design and engineer our products with the highest level of detail and quality.

Each project is UNIQUE and INIMITABLE since designed according to specific customer needs by the constant and professional contribution of all our business departments.

Research & Development

High performance and reliability in production.

We are convinced that technological innovation requires continuous research to thrive. For this reason, our Research & Development department works round the clock regardless of market trends.

We interpret Research as looking to the future and innovation, foreseeing new scenarios and being ready to meet tomorrow’s needs today.

"High production performance and reliability" is the mission followed by our staff made up of engineers, draughtsmen and system administrators, always ready to anticipate market needs and ensure maximum product quality.


Complete flexibility of use and ease of use.
Today Presezzi Extrusion offers a unique, durable, safe and highly automated. All systems are designed to ensure the best management that allows complete flexibility of use and ease of use.
Most modern computer systems of calculation and design provide full engineering, ensure full automation of the plants and allow a continuous monitoring feasible at all times thanks to dedicated software.
Automation can be achieved at various levels, depending on customer needs, starting from management of the single press to the control of the production and the entire extrusion line.

Start Up

An excellent result, greatly reducing assembly time and start-up final.

Due to perfect group organisation and synergies, presses are preassembled and dry tested directly in the Presezzi Extrusion factory. This allows our staff to check every detail and achieve excellent results, significantly reducing assembly and start-up time.

IFactory inspection is the time when our efforts are rewarded and the customer can finally appreciate the quality of our work.

We are proud to bring machines to life to achieve the required performances and always share in this enthusiasm.